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Postby bernev » Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:19 pm

Hello everyone. I have a 1996 TRX which I bought in 2005 when it had 2000 miles on the clock - it now has 6000 miles. It runs well and looks quite nice. I'll put a pics on at some stage. Anyway, the issue is engine noise. The top end is quite noisy in comparison to my 2006 TDM 900 - a sort of noticeable thrashing rather than the thrum of the 900. It's still not as bad a a Ducati though. I wouldn't have thought it needed valves doing at such a low mileage (the mileage is correct). and I can't see anything about adjusting the cam chain. And I do the oil every 1000 miles. I have the same problem as everyone else in working out how much is in there. Does everybody else's bike have an oil level that gradually disappears if you don't use the bike for a while (mine is mainly laid up as it's part of a collection). So, two questions - noisy engines and oil level sinking away.....
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Postby Mincehead » Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:17 am

Ten years in motor development means closer tolerances, better materials etc and fuel injection with engine management constantly making mixture and timing adjustments as required which vastly improves efficiencies and how a motor idles too.
A TRX does thrash a little, valve clearences tick away too (or they should), and the stock carbs are notorious for being touchy for setting up correctly adding some more `lumpiness` to the motor bubbling away.
Unless you`ve noticed a drop off in power or noises have increased dramatically, with your low milage I wouldn`t be too concerned.
Oh and you could comfortably get away with oil changes every 3000 miles if you`re fastidious about oil changes, 1000 miles means the motors constantly being washed with detergents in the fresh oil.A little carbon build up, staining from contaminants in the oil and such really is quite normal you know. :wink:
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