Electrical Gremlin

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Electrical Gremlin

Postby schmiffee » Sat Sep 18, 2021 12:05 pm

Had a quick search, but couldn't find anything definitive.

Been riding the trx over the border and back for work last week, and at first everything seemed good (had been having some progressive issues over the last year - hence not ridden much).
Monday - pretty sweet, slight hiccups on constant throttle at 50ish and 100ish. 'Seemed to clear up cracking open the throttle.
Tuesday - more hiccups than the day before. Didn't clear up as easy, and hiccups were slightly more violent/ intrusive.
At this stage I was thinking that it was fuel as the bike doesn't get used much.
Wednesday - only barely made it to work (less than 15kms). Hiccups seemed like running out of fuel, but would idle fine on closed throttle. Started up fine to come home, but only mate it half way (with a few pauses on the side of the road). Swapping the fuel tap 'seemed' to help it, but it returned in the next 1km. Noticed that when I put the hazard lights on (import), they would disappear for a bit, then come back.
Eventually pulled over and turned the bike off to investigate. Found evidence of backfiring from the bottom of the exhaust. When to turn back on, but no lights, no nothing. Arranged up pick-up, and bikes electrical would now turn on (after 5-10mins), fire up and rev no problems.

Would like to sort this out before riding it again.... ANY IDEAS???
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Re: Electrical Gremlin

Postby Phantom » Mon Sep 20, 2021 8:43 am


It sounds like a good place to start would be the battery.State of charge,age, is it being charged from the alternator?
Then work your way through all the connectors and cables from the battery onwards.
Perhaps a loose wire,or dirt inside the connectors or maybe a bit of corrosion somewhere.
It could also be in the ignition barrel or wiring from where the key goes as well.
Good luck!
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Re: Electrical Gremlin

Postby cobbadiggabuddyblooo » Wed Sep 22, 2021 7:59 am

Check all the earth points . There’s a couple under the tank plus the main earth strap from the battery. It s located under one of the top sump bolts. But be warned this bolt is prone to snapping due to water ingress and corrosion on the thread. Try running a seperate earth strap from the battery to the motor.
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