Factory Pro Shift Kit into a 96-99 4UN TRX

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Factory Pro Shift Kit into a 96-99 4UN TRX

Postby mutey » Fri Aug 07, 2020 2:49 am


I did a search for owners who have purchased and installed this kit on a EU market 96-99 4UN TRX850 and couldn't seem to find enough info to confirm which models this may NOT fit,
I saw some users had posted some hints at incompatible models as a straight replacement bolt off bolt on item.
they have this item listed as
Trans Detent Arm Kit
SHFT-PRO-YAM-4 $139.95
replaces arm 36Y-18140-00-00 and
spring 90508-26681-00

I think my clutch is either jammed up or just on the way out (slip) so if i have to do that I considered removing the clutch basket to install this at the same time might be worthwhile , with a view to getting cleaner more consistent gear changes if this fits.

Hope someone else on the forum has some personal experience with the same model / year range bike ( mine is ex UK ) and how compatibile it really is, I don't really have any acquaintances anymore who can knock up some custom parts in a hurry if there is something that needs to be fabricated to make this interface with the shifter assembly correctly.
I did see a forum poster from NZ ( haggis i think ) who said he installed it but i don't know what model / year bike he owned and i dont think he has logged in for 5 years so i cant ask them.
Crossing fingers someone sees this with the correct knowledge.
[-o< -Martin
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Re: Factory Pro Shift Kit into a 96-99 4UN TRX

Postby cobbadiggabuddyblooo » Fri Aug 07, 2020 3:15 am

Clutch on my 1st Trackbike would stick and a bigger to get into gear but once the plates broke free and ridden all was good till 3-4 months later when I’d start it again.
Only time I’d have issues with missed gears would be with the quickshifter but I traced the issue.
I’d get slop in the Coerce rearsets and would shim up the shaft/footpeg the gear lever pivots on and all good for another few 1000km
Never had an issue with std pegs.
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